Rich background of the history!

Grand Hotel Central was built in 1917, ordered by sir Allard. Sir Allard was the first owner of the hotel. In the beginning the hotel had 64 rooms a large kitchen and a restaurant. In 1922 the hotel was taken over by the city’s bank. After 14 years of not being used as a hotel, mister Phillipsen bought the hotel for fl 350.000. With the ownership by mister Phillipsen, the hotel performed better and better. In 1935, 45 more rooms were built on the rear of the hotel. These rooms didn’t last long as they got bombed in the second world war. After that they were never rebuilt as this was not allowed by the Germans. In the 50s all the rooms were refurnished and modernised with accessories such as; telephones and shower/bath facilities. These modernisations were necessary to keep up with the wishes of the customers and to stay ahead of the competition. From 1970/1977 the father in-law of misses Phillipsen (the next owner) took control of the hotel, after that mister Phillipsen continued the family business. After he passed away, misses Philipsen continued the business with the help of her two sons and sir Valster, a family friend. In 1999 sir Valster took over the hotel, he closed the kitchen and restaurant because it didn’t generate enough profit. His adjustments brought new life to the hotel. The hotel has always been family owned and that is visible, it has the charming appearance of a 4 generation old family hotel.