Shopping streets

Rotterdam is an excellent place to shop. In just a few minutes walking from the hotel lively shopping streets can be found. An example of this is the Lijnbaan, which is just three minutes walking from the hotel. In the area surrounding the Lijnbaan there are well known shops, for instance the biggest H&M of Europe. The Lijnbaan is also close to the well known shopping area The Koopgoot. At both sides of the Koopgoot there are other well known shops, such as the Beijenkorf and the V&D. The Kruiskade, the street of the hotel itself, is known for its more luxury shops, such as Hugo Boss and Robert Boticelli for instance.


The Koopgoot in Rotterdam


Shopping malls

Alexandrium is an example of a well known shopping mall in Rotterdam. The shopping mall exists of three combined parts. Alexandrium Shopping Center, Alexandrium Megastores and Alexandrium Homemall.

Another covered shopping mall is Zuidplein. Zuidplein also has a broad offer of shops. It is located at the first floor and at the ground floor there is a parking garage.


In Rotterdam there are 12 markets, because of this, almost everyday (except monday) a market in Rotterdam can be visited.
Close to Blaak is the “Markthal” (Market hall). In this beautiful covered Markhal shopping can be done, there are many opportunities for a good meal or you could buy your supplies yourself. The Markthall is even more special because of its appearance. The modern architecture is well visible and inside the Markthal there are coloured panels that are beautifully lighted in the evening. What is also nice about the Markthal is that it is covered.

Next to the Markthal a weekly market is held at Blaak (15 minutes walk). This market is the longest one of Europe, almost two and a half kilometres. There is a broad offering of food that are typical for the multicultural community of Rotterdam. Furthermore, clothing is sold, mobile phone accessories, fabrics, flowers and plants. The market at Blaak is held on every Tuesday and Saturday from 8.00-17.30.

The second biggest market can be found at the Afrikaanderplein (15 minutes with the subway), close to the Kuip, where also a variety of products can be found. At this market different cultures are present, as this is typical of Rotterdam. The Afrikaandermarket is held on Wednesday from 8.00-17.30 and on Saturday from 08.00-17.00.