The harbour/Spido

One of the best known attractions of Rotterdam is the harbour. Between 1962 and 2004 it was even the biggest harbour of the world. During the bombing in the Second World War half of the harbour was lost. Because of this the rebuild of the harbour was a big priority during the rebuild of the city. Different tours are offers to explore the harbour of Rotterdam. Such as the Spido that offers a tour through the harbour. Aside from the regular tours theme tours are offered and also combined tickets with other attractions in Rotterdam are for sale. During such a tour the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam is visible and there is a good overview of the life in the harbour.

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* The Spido can be reached with the subway in 9 minutes, otherwise it is a 21 minutes walk from the hotel. 


The Euromast

Another activity that offers a beautiful view is the Euromast. The Euromast is built in 1960 according to a design of H.A. Maaskant. Then it was already the biggest building with a height of 107 meters. Now the tower is 185 meters high and has a lot to offer. Aside from a beautiful overview, there are options to enjoy a nice meal, party and even sleeping can be done. Also, abseiling and rope sliding can be done.

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* The Euromast can be reached with the subway (1 transfer) in 25 minutes, otherwise it is a 33 minutes walk from the hotel. 

 The Cube houses

Among other aspects Rotterdam is known for its modern architecture. A famous example of this are the cube houses. The cube houses, located in Blaak, are a design of Piet blom. With his design he wanted to create a town in Rotterdam. This also through having the house complex represent a forest. The 38 houses that can be found here are built between 1982 and 1984. One house is open for visitors, there the life in such a house is presented.

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* The Cube houses can be reached with the subway (1 transfer) in 8 minutes, otherwise it is a 17 minutes walk from the hotel.


Rotterdam Zoo

In Rotterdam one of the oldest zoos can be found, Rotterdam zoo “Blijdorp”. The zoo has been set up in 1855 and was greatly expanded after the bombing during the Second World War. At the moment around 700 animals are present in the zoo, all divided in their own stays. The last additions are the topical butterfly paradise Amazonica and the indoor playground Biotopia.

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* Rotterdam zoo can be reached with the tram and bus within 18 minutes from the hotel.

 The Markthal

A recent addition to Rotterdam is the Markthal. The Markthal can be found at Blaak and offers a mix of restaurants, market stands, houses and shops. The Markthal is not be missed. Aside from the beautiful modern architecture, nice food can be enjoyed. The world kitchens are visible in the restaurants, bars and stands where fresh products can be bought.

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Markthal Tours

* The Markthal can be reached with the subway (1 transfer) in 8 minutes, otherwise it is a 17 minutes walk from the hotel. 

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 The SS Rotterdam & Hotel New York

In Rotterdam the biggest ship ever built can be visited, the SS Rotterdam. The ship can be explored for free. The SS Rotterdam shares its history with Hotel New York, which can be found at walking distance from the SS Rotterdam. Hotel New York is located where the previous head office of the Holland America line used to be, where workers left to New York with the hope for a better life. At the moment it serves are a restaurant, part location or for business rental.

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* Hotel New York can be reached with the subway within 14 minutes, otherwise it is a 35 minutes from the hotel.


At the Kinderdijk most of the windmills can be found and therefore it is a popular attraction for tourists. Kinderdijk is located at 15 km distance from Rotterdam, however a visit to Kinderdijk is also offered through multiple boat tours. Also the Kinderdijk is typical for the history of The Netherlands. One windmill is open for visitors to view the inside.

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